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Visual Basic program to talk to EJB thru SOAP/XML?

Is it possible for a Visual Basic program to talk to EJB thru SOAP/XML? That is, building a presentation layer with VB and business layer with EJB?
You've described an excellent example of when to use SOAP. You need to provide a SOAP interface to the EJB application and you need to generate a WSDL description from that interface. There are more than a dozen Java-based SOAP tools to choose from. Since you're goal is interoperability, you want to use one that makes interoperability easy. (Some support interoperability better than others. Check the results from the last interoperability lab. Systinet, BEA, and Iona scored well. Apache and GLUE did less well.) Check out the following articles on www.theserverside.com for tips on EJB integration and .NET interoperability:



Once you've generated your WSDL description, you can generate a VB client component from the WSDL using a VB-based SOAP tool, such as MS SOAP, .NET Framework, or Pocket SOAP. Build your presentation layer with VB and use the generated client component to call the EJB.

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