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WSDL generation library

I have a GUI tool that allows the user to provide values for several options. This then will be the basis for my WSDL. The generation of WSDL will change for different options chosen by user. I am thinking of capturing the user choices in a XML file and then generating WSDL from this. Are there any libraries that I can use for this ?
It sounds like you're talking about a WSDL wizard editing tool. Most visual XML editing tools (e.g., Altova xmlspy and Sonic Stylus) provide WSDL wizards. You can also find special-purpose WSDL/Schema wizards for Web services, such as Kodiak Omniopera and Cape Clear SOA Editor. Also, testing tools, such as Mindreef SOAPscope, provide WSDL analyzers, although these tools don't give you the wizard capabilities. Unfortunately, none of these tools is open source. (Cape Clear SOA Editor is free, though.) But here's the good news: IBM recently contributed a bunch of Web development tools, including a WSDL editor/wizard, to the Eclipse project. I'm sure you can find the WSDL generation library in this contribution. Click here for documentation on the XML tools.

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