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Web services standards and management

How do Web services standards and protocols affect management?
With the large-scale grass-roots adoption of Web services, management must be planned for - but it can't be treated in the traditional way. In the past, applications were monoliths which were (for the most part) operationally independent of each other. With the adoption of web services this all changes - applications by themselves are just one piece of the whole solution. A given request will flow across multiple different systems in the course of being processed. Managing and understanding the interrelationships becomes as important as managing the individual parts that make up the whole. A problem or change in any one part can have ripple effects throughout the whole that must be identified, controlled, and contained. The management challenges are significant: security, availability, versioning, monitoring, and capacity planning are just a few of the categories that must be considered across the whole, rather than individually at each part. Luckily, Web services management solutions are available to complement traditional management solutions to manage an overall Web service network.

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