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Web services to solve EAI problems

I am a MSc student looking for a dissertation project subject. I am interested in the use of Web services to solve application integration problems (EAI). It seems that there is extensive literature expaining the different possible approaches, so may be there is no room for a general research on this topic. Therefore, I am planning to apply those approaches in a specific case study. Could you let me know if there is any framework that could be used to evaluate these approaches? Any other topic that you consider may be worth researching will also be of great help to me.
I believe the real issue here is the integration of disparate systems with differing data models and enterprise use that would benefit from the "integration" of data in an effort to improve decision making and process workflow. While web services may not be a direct answer to the issue, they are establishing data standards such as XML that can be used to enable efficient data transfer between solutions without the need to utilize the traditional Application Programming Interfaces (API's) provided by most companies as a facility for integration. When utilizing Web services in this environment, integration is done more simply through data export/import routines coupled with mapping applications for data transfer and storage.

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