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WebLogic advice

We are implementing an application using WebLogic which apparently marshals strings to servlets in a different VM using RMI. Our application apparently doesn't do a good job of limiting the string size and information gets truncated (DataOutputStream.writeUTF()). One suggested option is jumping to another app server such as EAServer which uses CORBA instead of RMI. Our development has reached a point where I'd rather not jump to a different app server and potentially a different set of obstacles.

Another option may be to bring the servlet into the WebLogic VM, thus avoiding the problem altogether. Any suggestions? Is there a preferred app server when it comes to RMI text stream limitations?

Move the servlet if you can. Longer term, you need to discuss with WebLogic whether the problem is on your end ("our application apparently doesn't do a good job...") or on theirs -- or both. Your developers need to be sensitive to string length issues: buffer overflows are at the heart of many of the recent worm attacks. For some reason, programmers tend to ignore these issues.

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