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What are some enterprise class applications that will see WS being invoked over the public cloud?

A lot of WS work is happening inside the corporate firewall, and understandably so. What are some key enterprise class applications that will see WS being invoked over the public cloud?
I would say that applications such as logistics, STP and demand planning would be good candidates. We're still playing around with Web services -- it's going to be some time before we see patterns emerge.

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Boubez: SOA virtualization, SLAs and access control policy In part 1 of this interview with Toufic Boubez, chief technology officer for XML networking vendor Layer 7 Technologies Inc., he said the WS-Policy standard work at W3C is complete and that standard is being implemented. In part 2, he explains that there is still work to be done on specifications for policy languages expressing access control and service level agreements (SLAs) within WS-Policy. Boubez, co-author of the original UDDI specification, worked as an editor on the W3C working group that completed the WS-Policy specification this past summer. Now he is working informally with other vendors to provide the security, access control and federation specifications for SOA. He also discussed virtualization as it related to SOA.

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