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What are some performance issues related to MQSeries and MQSI?

I wanted to know the performance issues related to MQSeries and MQSI. Under which circumstances should MQSeries and MQSI not be used? What is the drawback of using MQSI instead of MQSeries itself? I have a design which is basically Hub and Spoke architecture in which MQSI is going to act as a Hub. I need to justify this architecture. What points must I keep in mind while reviewing the design?
I heard that there are MQSeries performance issues when people try to implement a publish/subscribe communication model (one-to-many) using MQSeries queues. Also, from what I heard, MQSeries seems not to be well suited for handling high-volume real-time traffic such as in financial data feeds. In respect to MQSI performance issues, I'm not experienced enough with that product. I would suggest you contact an IBM representative for performance data related to MQSI.

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