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What are the differences between versions of MSMQ?

What is the difference between MSMQ1.0, MSMQ2.0 and MSMQ3.0? Which operating systems support which versions?
Some of the new features introduced with MSMQ 2.0 are:
  • Integration with Win2000 ADS
  • Management via MMC snapin
  • Workgroup support
  • Performance improvements, notably on persistent messaging
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Some of the new features introduced with MSMQ 3.0 are:
  • Messaging via HTTP
  • Extension of MMC administration
  • Message lookup
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MSMQ 1.0 shipped with Windows NT server 4.0. It also supports Win 9x. MSMQ 2.0 is part of Win2000. MSMQ 2.0 ServicePack 2 adds support for Windows CE. MSMQ 3.0 supports the whole range of Windows operating systems, including PocketPC.

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