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What are the essential programming components of developing a SOA?

What would you say are the essential programming components of developing service oriented architecture?
Service-oriented architectures (SOA) deliver the foundation for developers to build robust enterprise applications using services. The services approach focuses on building the business logic of the application as services. These services can be deployed on the SOA without the service needing to know about the presentation and flow of the application, or how the application will make requests to the service. The SOA provides all of the functionality necessary for these services.

The SOA will provide registration and lookup functionality for the service, and facilitate the client calling the service. The SOA should allow the service to be located dynamically, and support for the different protocols that clients will use to access the services.

Therefore, the SOA provides a platform for building service with the following characteristics:
  • loosely-coupled
  • location transparent
  • protocol independent

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