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What can we do now to prepare for Web services?

I'm one of those who is still trying to figure out what Web services can do. As you mention in your article, there are no large implementations of Web services-based applications yet, but is there anything we can be doing to prepare for Web services? Anything that we can take advantage of now? Or is it still mostly a waiting game?

Right now the best thing for organizations to do is to learn all you can and consider all of your options. Web services, remember, will just be another tool in the shed to both create and integrate applications. Indeed, if we learn from the past new technology standards are a matter of evolution more than revolution.

I would not, however, jump into Web services without a complete understanding of your requirements, as well as how Web services will meet those requirements over and above other available technologies. Don't get caught up in the hype, remember you're ultimately solving a business problem not implementing a cool solution.

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