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What courses can I take to get a better understanding of what .NET is?

I have been working in the IT field for 5 years as a Windows Admin. I have a BS in Computer Science as well as a MS in Information Systems and I am looking to get into .NET and XML; however I am very new to the whole idea. What courses can I take to get a better understanding of what .NET is and how I become an expert with the platform?
The first question I might ask is are you interested in becoming a .NET developer as opposed to a Network Engineer? Assuming that you are interested in becoming a developer, then, here are some suggestions:

Microsoft Curriculum Courses:
Course 2063 Introduction to Microsoft ASP.NET and
Course 2559 Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming or
Course 2124 Introduction to Microsoft Visual C# Programming for the Microsoft .NET Platform may be the best to begin with. You can find a Microsoft Certified Training Center here.

You can find some online courses here although, I do not have personal experience in the quality of these courses.

There are a host of excellent books on .NET with more coming each day. A few of my favorites can be found at: http://www.sciinfo.com/research_reading.asp One item to consider is, along with learning the .NET framework, to get a good grounding in Object Oriented theory. Also, here is a link to a short white paper on migrating from VB 6 to VB.NET that may be helpful: http://www.softwareconsortium.com/research_technews_article.asp?Source =Whitepapers&ArticleID=54

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