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What does Model Driven Architecture mean?

I've just read that WebSphere includes OMG's Model Driven Architecture. Can you briefly explain MDA and what it accomplishes?

WebSphere's Application Server and Studio tools and other 3rd-party tools combined provide full support for OMG's Model Driven Architecture. MDA provides an open, vendor-neutral architecture for interoperability, leveraging OMG's established modeling standards: Unified Modeling Language (UML); Meta-Object Facility (MOF); and Common Warehouse Meta-model (CWM).

Platform-independent Application descriptions build using these modeling standards can be realized using any major platform, including CORBA, Java, .NET, XMI/XML, and Web-based platforms. The architecture encompasses the full range of services already specified by OMG, including Directory Services, Event Handling, Persistence, Transactions, and Security -- which are implemented and supported within IBM's WebSphere Application Server. For much more information on MDA just go to the OMG web site at http://www.omg.org/mda/.

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