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What does it mean for WSDL to be "correct"?

What does it mean for WSDL to be "correct"?
A more appropriate term would be "valid". A WSDL file is an XML document. It's structure is defined by an XML Schema (http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/). If a WSDL document does not conform to its schema, it's invalid. Then again, a WSDL document could be valid, but if it doesn't accurately describe a Web service, it's not much use. A WSDL document describes:

- what a services does (what operations it performs and the format of the messages that much be exchanged when performing those operations)
- how to communicate with it (what protocols it supports and how to encode the data)
- where it lives (it's access point)

If the information in the WSDL document doesn't match the specifics of the Web service, it's not correct.

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