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What does it mean that service-oriented development will be coupled with service-oriented architectu

I was reading that service-oriented development would eventually be coupled with service-oriented architecture. What exactly does this mean? What's the difference between the two?
Service-oriented development usually refers to the development of applications using a services approach. Service-oriented architecture is the infrastructure that facilitates service-oriented development. The coupling that exists between the two is because most service-oriented development is done on top of an existing service-oriented architecture.

It is possible to implement applications using a service-oriented approach without a service-oriented architecture. However, this requires much more effort of the developers, since they are left without the solid foundation that the service-oriented architecture provides. This architecture typically includes the functionality that allows for publication, location and binding of services.

The relationship between service-oriented development and service-oriented architecture is easily seen with Web services. First the infrastructure was defined and built. This architecture has become standardized and is now to the point where enterprise applications can be developed using a service-oriented approach using that architecture.

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