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What exactly is Microsoft .NET My Services?

What exactly is Microsoft .NET My Services? Will I have to understand "Hailstorm" before migrating to .NET development?

Absolutely not. .NET My Services has nothing to do really with .NET development. It is a service that your company subscribes to if it desires to outsource its authentication needs instead of developing and maintaining your own, or would like to automatically keep information about your users (like their contact information, calendar, or payment information, etc.) up to date. The Microsoft marketing engine is pushing the concept of the .NET platform, which includes servers, services and programming languages.

However, at this point, there is no reason why you must adopt any single piece of the .NET platform, and as of yet there are no interdependencies between .NET My Services and, say, C#, VB.NET or the rest of the .NET Framework. As always, understanding what a technology is designed to do and where it fits into your architecture can help you and your organization make better time and financial investment decisions in your development effort, so it wouldn't hurt to stay on top of what .NET My Services is unveiling, as is the case with all new technologies.

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