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What is VOXml?

Can you please explain what VOXml is? Can you provide any code samples?

VOXml is a technology aimed at using XML to represent the content and dialog of voice browsers. In other words, it facilitates using ordinary telephones and human speech to interact with Web sites. VOXml was created by Motorola in 1998. Since then, more players have become involved (notably AT&T, IBM, Lucent) and activity surrounds a renamed initiative known as VoiceXML (http://www.voicexml.org/).

There are a number of on-line tutorials on VoiceXML. I recommend Dave Ragget's tutorial available at https://www.w3.org/Voice/Guide/.

There are a number of on-line services available with which you can play around with VoiceXML - www.tellme.com, www.bevocal.com.

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