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What is a Java Bean? Why it is useful in J2EE?

What is a Java Bean? Why it is useful in J2EE?

A Java Bean is a software component written in the Java programming language that conforms to the JavaBeans component specification. The JavaBeans APIs became part of the "core" Java APIs as of the 1.1 release of the JDK.  

The JavaBeans specification defines a Java-based software component model that adds a number of features to the Java programming language. Some of these features include:

* introspection 

* customization 

* events 

* properties 

* persistence  

Java Beans are used throughout J2EE as a universal contract for runtime discovery and access. For example, JavaServer Pages (JSP) uses Java Beans as data transfer objects between pages or between servlets and JSPs. J2EE's JavaBeans Activation Framework uses Java Beans for integrating support for MIME data types into J2EE. The J2EE Management API uses JavaBeans as the foundation for the instrumentation of resources to be managed in a J2EE environment.

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