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What is performance like for sending data using XML over HTTP?

I have a general performance question you may be able to answer. I am sending device data (basically a big list of parameters with corresponding values) from a server to a client.

1) In general is sending data using XML over HTTP going to be slower than sending XML over RMI?
2) In general is sending data using XML over HTTP going to be slower than sending Java objects (containing the device data) over RMI?

From what I have investigated so far it sounds like XML over HTTP will likely be slower but the trade off is simplicity over speed?!

Remember the first rule of software development: make it work before you make it work fast. I'd strongly suggest sending the XML over HTTP and then, when it is working, look at the performance of the system end-to-end. More often than not, the true bottlenecks (if there are any) are not to do with the format of the data.

One possibility in your scenario is that the setup/teardown costs of the socket connection could be significant, in which case it might make sense to make use of HTTP KeepAlive to re-use the socket connection over and over again. Note that the latter has the very significant benefits that it does not complicate the user's conceptual model of how the interface works.

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