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What is the average cost price per message is?

We are a large company with a lot of different (legacy) applications. We want to re-use these applications in an EAI way. So we decided to use a message broker and to open up these legacy applications by using XML-based messages. We think that there'll be at least about 20 messages a minute during office time. Our service management organization will charge us extra per sent/received messages. But the price they are asking seems high ($0.20 a message), so that a message-based application will be very expensive in the exploitation phase. Do you have any idea what in the market the average cost price per message is?

I think its not very common at all to charge a price per message sent through a MOM, but its certainly an interesting business model. Hence it will be difficult to find appropriate reference data.

The only point of reference I can provide are mobile messages sent through the GSM "short message service" (SMS). These cost roughly 5 to 10 cents per message of 160 characters max.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is more powerful than SMS in that messages with multimedia content can be transmitted. MMS prices have not officially been announced yet, but one mobile operator said they are planning to charge $0.40 per message.

However, SMS messages are sent mainly from user to user, much like e-mail. So it's not directly comparable to MOM.

Editor's note: See EAI Expert Adam Greissman's answer to this question here.

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