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What is the best XML mapper I can find in the market?

I am trying to develop an XML based integrated solution with ERP systems like SAP, Oracle Apps with our WMS system. What I am looking for is an XSLT mapper to convert outbound XMLS from ERP system to XML needed for our product and vice versa? What is the best XML mapper I can find in the market that can not only convert XMLS but also convert Schemas to XML? Also, should I buy a dedicated server for all XML processing since the processing is more CPU based? Your thoughts will guide in finding a good solution. Thank you in advance.

There are a number of XSLT based mappers available such as those from TagFree and CapeClear. XSLT Mapping is also a part of some larger e-Business integration offerings such as Microsoft Biztalk and Vitria's Businessware.

It is important to rememver that whilst XSLT is an appropriate tool for simple XML -> XML mapping it is not suitable for everything. There are things XSLT either cannot do or cannot do without contortions. It depends on the complexity of the mapping you need to achieve between the XMLS and ERP system vocabularies.

I'm not sure what you mean by converting Schemas to XML.

As for dedicated XML transformation server, I personally believe that the amount of XML transformation going on in business systems will grow tremendously over the next few years and I believe "transformation servers" to sit beside app servers and/or portal servers are a good way to segment server-side processing responsibilities.

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