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What is the difference between Binding Template and a tModel?

What is the difference between Binding Template and a tModel?
A tModel represents a service type -- an abstract representation of a service. A bindingTemplate represents a specific instance of a service. For example, a UDDI registry is a type of Web service, exposing two APIs -- the Inquiry and the Publication APIs. There's a tModel for each of these APIs: uddi-org:Inquiry and uddi-org:Publication. These tModels describe the APIs, but they don't provide access information. IBM, Microsoft, HP, SAP, Systinet, and other companies offer instances of the UDDI services. The UDDI entry for each of these companies includes a businessService entry for the UDDI services, and these businessService entries have a bindingTemplate that associates the service implementation with the service type tModel. The bindingTemplates also provide specific service information, such as the accesspoint.

For example, look at the Systinet registration in the public UDDI: Systinet DiscoveryURL

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