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What is the roadmap from being a Java developer to senior Java/J2EE/Web service member?

Could you show me a road map from being Java developer to senior Java/J2EE/Web service member? What are basic knowledge?...

What are intermediate? and what are advanced? What Web sites or books are more helpful to train my self?

For a Java developer to reach the status of a senior Java developer, he/she must have a complete knowledge of all aspects of the J2SE platform. This can be attained through years of experience and help from books such as The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide, Professional Java Programming, and Effective Java: Programming Language Guide.

For a Java developer to reach the status of a senior J2EE developer, he/she should have the knowledge and experience of a senior Java developer combined with experience and knowledge detailed in books such as Mastering Enterprise JavaBeans 2nd Edition, Advanced Java Server Pages, and Building Java Enterprise Applications Vol. I: Architecture.

The roadmap leading from a Java developer to a J2EE developer might be ordered like:

1) Proficiency with HTTP request/response mechanism.
2) Proficiency with Java servlets.
3) Understanding of model/view/controller architecture
4) Proficiency with relational databases, SQL and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).
5) Proficiency with Java Server Pages (JSP)
6) Proficiency with RMI
7) Proficiency with JNDI
8) Understanding of software security concepts and techniques
9) Understanding of software design patterns
10) Understanding of software transactions
11) Proficiency with Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
12) Proficiency with Java Message Service (JMS)

To add Web services to your repertoire, I would suggest a thorough understanding of XML, XSL, SOAP, RPC, WSDL, UDDI and HTTP. Suggested books for these skills include Web Services Business Strategies and Architectures, Building Web Services with Java, Java and XML : Solutions to Real-World Problems, and HTTP: The Definitive Guide.

You should also become familiar with related sites such as http://java.sun.com/servlets, http://java.sun.com/j2ee, https://www.theserverside.com. You should also subscribe to mailing lists and forums pertaining to Java, J2EE and Web services.

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