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What would be a to-do list for building a SOA to replace a FCAP infrastructure?

What would you jot down if you had to make a list of "to do's" relating to the building of a distributed, standards based, service-oriented architecture that you plan to use to replace an existing FCAP infrastructure? The current infrastructure is mostly home-grown with tightly coupled functional domains.
As with many development decisions the buy-vs-build decision needs to be answered first. There are several important issues to remember if you choose to build your own SOA instead of buy. These same issues also are helpful to those evaluating an SOA to purchase.

A service-oriented architecture needs to provide the infrastructure that allows for service-oriented development. This focus of building the service first and then connecting the user interface and data connectivity allow for the business logic that is the service to be reused across applications. The SOA allows the services to be:

  • loosely-coupled
  • protocol independent
  • location transparent
Service-oriented development focuses on building the business logic of the enterprise application as a service. Services contain core business logic and are loosely-coupled with other components of the application. This allows for the service to be deployed and accessed independent of the rest of the application, allowing for minimum dependencies and maximum flexibility and reuse.

The SOA allows for services to be registered, which can then be located and called. The discovery of services and connectivity to them should be in such a way as to allow the enterprise application to be deployed according to the requirements of the application. This means that the SOA should provide the ability for the requester of the service and the service itself to be on the same tier or accessed remotely. This ensures the protocol independence and location transparency required of the SOA.

As you look to build your own SOA you need to build the infrastructure that allows for registration, discovery, and calling of services in such a way that facilitates development of the enterprise application without the need to consider the specifics of how it might be deployed. This ensures the application will continue to meet the business needs even as possible usage increases.

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