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What's needed for widescale EAI adoption?1

From the numbers I've seen, EAI vendors have only made small inroads into the Global 2000. The economy aside, what's needed from the vendors (e.g., Tibco) for widescale adoption? What's the problem - TCO, ease of implementation, FUD spread by the top App vendors?
Just look at the stock market. Middleware vendors as a group have lost +80% of their stock value since January 2000. I think this is a combination of digesting all the development that was done prior to Y2K as well as the economy. No one would argue that data integration is important. What remains to be seen is whether or not there is a real market for big EAI solutions, or if Web services will allow smaller tools, such as BizTalk Server and TierBroker, to replace EAI the same way that word processing replaced dedicated typesetters in the late 1980's.

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