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What's the advantage of using SonicMQ than any other MQ's like MSMQ, IBM MQ?

What's the advantage of using SonicMQ over any other MQ's like MSMQ, IBM MQ? What are it's features? SonicMQ is...

a "clean room" implementation of JMS (Java Message Service). It was designed for easy installation and configuration, and for seamless integration into a J2EE application server environment. Also, you'll get extensions for XML messaging, Web services integration, etc.

IBM MQSeries has an old and proven messaging middleware at its root. MQSeries is written mainly in C/C++ but provides a JMS compatibility Java-library. MQSeries is the most widely used and mature messaging middleware on the market. However, MQSeries typically is more difficult to setup and configure than a "clean room" JMS implementation. Also, it is claimed that clean-room JMS implementations can deliver much higher throughput than MQSeries, especially when the publish/subscribe communications model is applied.

MSMQ is the message queuing middleware from Microsoft. It has a rather complex and proprietary API. However, Microsoft provides .NET classes that make using MSMQ much easier.

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