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What's your opinion about Webservers and message brokers as Web services?

What's your opinion about Webservers and message brokers as Web services- will they emerge as technology; will message brokers (often based on a que-based architecture) act as SOAP servers (webservers); or will webservers (made for RPC calls) become message brokers?
Integration brokers are looking to expose their integration services as Web services. Clearly this is the direction. This notion provides the integration broker user with the ability to expose application services found in back-end systems connected through pre-built adapters. This may be a better solution than exposing those services yourself through custom coding which is what the application server guys will hope that you will do. Remember, most existing systems will have to be altered to support Web services, or integration servers will have to act as translators. The latter is faster and less expensive since it's less invasive.

You are correct in your question about queue-based architecture, those integration servers based on messaging systems (e.g., pub/sub and queues) may have trouble performing this trick, while those integration systems based on mapper-translators will not. It's a matter of state retention and transaction management required when supporting Web services.

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