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What's your take on the WS-I?

What's your take on the WS-I? Do you think Sun's refusal to join will inhibit the standards process?

I'm going to defer to Dave Smiley, my director of standards at Mercator:

Sun's exclusion/omission/refusal to join WS-I has somewhat tempered the initial enthusiasm for WS-I and their goal: "To promote Web services interoperability across platforms, operating systems, and programming languages". It will be difficult to reach this goal with Sun watching from the sidelines or, worse yet for WS-I, providing negative commentary as the game progresses. WS-I is interesting because the group itself is not developing standards, but encouraging their development and acceptance. Many of the members are involved in those other standards bodies where the work is currently taking place. Ultimately, the relevance and success of WS-I will be decided by the marketplace. If the money flows to those who carry the WS-I "Seal of Approval", WS-I will have succeeded. -- David Smiley

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