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Where can I find a comprehensive WSDL Parser?

I need a comprehensive WSDL Parser. Is there any open source WSDL Parser available? I need to parse the WSDL and generate the client on the fly.
You can use any XML parser to parse a WSDL file, although I suspect you're looking for an API that comprehends the WSDL data model. There's a new Java API in the works called JWSDL (JSR 110). The reference implementation is based on IBM's wsdl4J project (open source through developerworks). You can use JWSDL in conjunction with a dynamic invocation interface (DII) to dynamically construct your client calls.

Another alternative is to use a WSDL compiler service. This would be a Web service that takes a WSDL URL as input and returns a JAR file. For example, WASP4.0 provides this type of service.

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