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Where can I find data on the use of Microsoft technology in mission critical applications?

Where can I find data on the use of Microsoft technology (IIS, ASP, VB, VB.Net) in mission critical applications? - What companies are using these technologies? - What types of applications? I keep hearing that "serious" CIOs still want a Sun/Solaris/Java solution. I am looking for counter-examples.
Companies are using .NET (and COM+) to create the full range of enterprise level applications. Roger Sessions has written several articles that compare the J2EE platform to COM+ and .NET. Click here for several .NET case studies.

Now it's time for me to step up on my soap box (no pun intended). Many companies (especially large companies) eschew the Windows-based solution, not because of reality-based reasoning, but more because of preconceived notions and philosophical differences. Check out http://www.tpc.org and you will find that Microsoft Solutions are always at the top of the scalability ladder. So it isn't that Microsoft solutions aren't scalable.

There is a fundamental difference in the way that Microsoft solutions scale and the way J2EE applications are usually designed. J2EE applications are commonly designed to scale UP, that is by using bigger iron, and Microsoft solutions tend to scale OUT, that is you add more servers to the cluster to handle increased load. Is one better than the other? Well, when you add up the dollars and cents, Microsoft usually comes out to be significantly cheaper - in hardware, software licenses and development costs. So it isn't because Microsoft is more expensive.

I have a Powerpoint presentation that might be helpful to you available here. It was used in several seminars we did to compare J2EE and .NET. Now, I also like J2EE. The fact is that both platforms are theoretically infinitely scalable (there is a link to a Sun white paper that actually says that in the presentation).

For pre-.NET enterprise design I have found Enterprise Application Architecture with VB, ASP and MTS (Wrox) to be quite helpful.

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