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Where can I locate examples of successful .NET Web services implementations?

I would like to become familiar with the .NET Platform & various Microsoft Servers (Content Mgmt. Server, Biztalk etc. ) in providing Web services; therefore, do you know where I can locate architectural diagrams of example architectures? Perhaps you may know of Web Services Architectural Examples using VISIO?

Also, are there examples of case studies on the .NET Platform which describe, in technical detail, successful Web services implementations for small-medium size businesses?
The .NET architecture center has a wealth of information on architecture topics. You can find it here.

A good article on BizTalk and Web services can be found here.

The main MSDN site has many more resources.

Another great resource for learing about .NET is Got Dot Net.

And finally, if you are looking for Case Studies specifically for .NET Web services or .NET Server family applications, the Microsoft Case Study Finder is a great tool. You can find it here.

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