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Where to find WebSphere performance data or statistics?

Where do I find the performance data or statistics, resources used etc. of a WebSphere application server? I'm looking for data similar to which is available through a resource analyzer or admnistrative console.

You find performance data using Resource Analyzer, which is a default viewer of the Performance Monitoring Interface (PMI) data. Alternatively, you can use many third party tools which integrate to WebSphere's Performance Monitoring Interface (PMI) or develop your own custom solutions using the PMI client or Performance Servlet. A list of vendors providing Performance Monitoring solutions for WebSphere is provided at: http://www.ibm.com/software/webservers/pw/dhtml/wsperformance/performance_bpsolutions.html.

The documentation for the PMI client is included in the InfoCenter for WebSphere Application Server 4.01 Advanced Edition.

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