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Why does my server say it won't support debugging of ASP.NET apps?

I'm currently learning .NET, and every time I run the debugger when I'm coding a ASP .NET Web application I receive the following error. "Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging on the Web server. The server does not support debugging of ASP.NET or ATL Server applications. Run setup to install the Visual Studio .NET Server components. If setup has been run verify that a valid URL has been spicified. You may also want to refer to the ASP.NET and ATL Server debugging topic in the online documentation. Would you like to disable future attempts to debug this project" Options "Yes", "NO", and "Cancel".

I have followed the instructions in the online help, I have gone to google groups, and I have tried reinstalling it. Nothing works :(. Please help me. Also if I run the application without debugging it, I just get a blank browser window; No buttons or text boxes.

What OS are you running? You need to make sure your account has privileges to debug, you must be a member of the Debugger Users group. Another possibility is that IIS is malfunctioning or is not properly setup (it is running, correct?). Try typing "isreset" at a command prompt.

Another idea is to check if the .aspx extension has been properly mapped to C: [Windows Directory]Microsoft.NetFrameworkv1.0.3705aspnet_isapi.dll where [Windows Directory] is the folder Windows is installed to on your system. You do this through Internet Services Manager. If it is not, open an command window and change to the C: [Windows Directory]Microsoft.NetFrameworkv1.0.3705 directory and run aspnet_regiis -i to configure the required application mappings correctly.

Hope this solves your issues.

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