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Will Portal Technology and EAI merge over time?

Do you think Portal Technology (Presentation Integration) and EAI (Back-end Integration) will merge over time or continue to be considered separate?
In my view, and as I wrote in my B2B book, portal-oriented application integration is a valid approach to application integration. Although the other types of application integration focus on the real-time exchange of information or adherence to a common process model between systems and companies, portal-oriented application integration is concerned with externalizing information from a multitude of enterprise systems to a single application and interface in support of B2B. That approach goes against the notions of the other types of application integration, which are more real-time and event-driven oriented.

Although application integration typically refers to the automated movement of information or the binding of processes between two or more applications without the assistance of an end user, it can also occur at the user interface for B2B. Indeed, most examples of B2B information exchange today are also examples of portal-oriented application integration, with digital exchanges leading the way. Therefore, it's different, but it still belongs within the discussion of application integration.

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