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Will Web services really bring a golden age for Application Service Providers?

So far I have read lots of Web service articles, and I've seen many claims that Web services will drive all applications to move to the Web and this makes a golden age for Application Service Providers. Is this gonna happen? If so, I wonder about performance issues like:

1) if ASP provides applications include processing everything and clients only take the representation load. This seems to burden ASP so much.

2) if ASP provides only applications and leaves processing jobs to clients, this may cost a long time to transfer applications' code to clients. Each time the client uses the application. People may get bored, then they may move back to install applications onto their own machine.

3) if ASP just transfers the application to the client once (at the beginning) and then the client uses the transfered application until there is an update feature, which ASP will be take care of this update. Is this model still called a "Web service?"

Good points, I can't disagree with your assertions. I can only say that ASPs are currently looking into these, and other issues. In reality it will be layers and layers of technology that we'll need to resolve these, it's going to take a while before we have a viable Web services model.

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