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Will clients upgrade to new CORBA/COM enabled application?

I am involved in supporting certain middleware applications of banks on tandem. The version I am involved in is getting replaced with a new CORBA/COM enabled one. Will the existing clients go for an upgradation? Or if they chose to stay back, what potential changes can we expect in business logic implementation of transaction handlers?
The users will go for an upgrade or not based on their experience with you and their systems as well as their other commitments (in terms of time and money). I'm very big on CORBA and believe that over time it will save enormously on maintenance/upgrade costs. Its architecture builds in security and sharing right from the beginning in a way that some other architectures do not. One approach is to make a chart of all products you are considering and the architectures they support. If you can show your users that 90% (or more) of them use CORBA, then the CORBA choice becomes less important than the choice of a specific application server. If the move to CORBA is going to happen eventually (such a chart would indicate that to be the case), it's just a matter of timing.

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