• November 06, 2002 06 Nov'02

    Web services and EAI: Partners or rivals?

    The concept of Web services is sometimes positioned as a replacement for EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) solutions.  Continue Reading

  • November 05, 2002 05 Nov'02

    Testing, testing, testing

    CBDi Forum addresses testing and certification, the next big issue for Web service deployment. This article provides a simple framework for thinking about what type of testing is required at each stage of the life cycle and comment on Mindreef, a ...  Continue Reading

  • November 04, 2002 04 Nov'02

    Know your XML

    Summary of the basic XML knowledge every IT pro should have.  Continue Reading

  • November 04, 2002 04 Nov'02

    CA opens its door to Web services

    Computer Associates isn't trying to be all things to all people when it comes to Web services, but it does believe it has an edge in making Web services "accessible to humans" with portals and legacy-to-Web development tools. One of CA's top ...  Continue Reading

  • November 04, 2002 04 Nov'02

    Web services: An elephant in the dark

    The gurus and analysts are missing the most important aspect of Web services. There is a revolution going on between business and technology with Web services putting the focus back on business and removing technology from the role of a dictator. ...  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2002 01 Nov'02

    Can Confluent redefine Web services management?

    Web services management company Confulent is looking to redefine its niche by offering a cost-effective, easy-to-use product. The451 believes the company has a strong offering, but it faces stiff competition and risks being best remembered for ...  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2002 01 Nov'02

    Borland grows from strength to strength

    Borland capped off a busy month with another acquisition last week. This time it was TogetherSoft, a clever little firm that touts first rate development suites -- making it a prime selection for Borland's increasingly powerful round table.  Continue Reading

  • November 01, 2002 01 Nov'02

    Working with the repeater

    Listing showing how to use this .NET control.  Continue Reading