• April 10, 2002 10 Apr'02

    The true nature of Web services

    In the year 2000, many marketplaces did not achieve the results that had been announced. Suddenly, the enthusiasm that was buzzing around B2B has cooled. Now that we can look at the situation with a bit of hindsight, it is easy to explain why ...  Continue Reading

  • April 10, 2002 10 Apr'02

    Actional gets in on the SOAP action

    Add another name to the list of contenders for de facto industry standard Web services platform. It's Actional, a former software broker shop that has retooled its translation tools for the new age of SOAP.  Continue Reading

  • April 08, 2002 08 Apr'02

    Creating a VB.NET Web service

    Roy Hoobler's latest article shows how to implement a Web service server and client and some of the object oriented issues in designing a VB.NET application.  Continue Reading