• January 31, 2003 31 Jan'03

    Web services will drive Tibco's new strategy

    To satisfy customer demand, Tibco is venturing into the Web services management space, and is already helping a German railway operator build a Web service to make its railway cars run more efficiently during the 2006 World Cup soccer tournament. ...  Continue Reading

  • January 31, 2003 31 Jan'03

    January 2003: The Month in Review on SearchWebServices.com

    January got its name from Janus, the Roman god of gates and new beginnings. Janus was often depicted as having two faces looking both forward and backward like the doorway he represented. We aren't the two-faced type but our January content includes...  Continue Reading

  • January 31, 2003 31 Jan'03

    Web services players give life to Genesis forum

    Several Web services players are among the vendors that have joined forces to launch a new industry group called the Genesis forum. The group will explore the business potential of next-generation technologies like Web services, grid computing and ...  Continue Reading