• January 31, 2006 31 Jan'06

    explicit parallelism

    Explicit parallelism is a concept of processor-compiler efficiency in which a group of instructions is sent from the compiler to the processor for simultaneous rather than sequential execution.  Continue Reading

  • January 31, 2006 31 Jan'06


    In its JavaBeans application program interface for writing a component, Sun Microsystems calls a component a "Bean" (thus continuing their coffee analogy).  Continue Reading

  • January 31, 2006 31 Jan'06

    What was big in 2005; what to expect in 2006

    Preston Gralla takes a look back at Web services and SOA in 2005 and to what we might expect in 2006.  Continue Reading

  • January 31, 2006 31 Jan'06

    A "Blizzard" hits SOA governance landscape

    Systinet delivers Systinet 2, an SOA governance and lifecycle platform that features a metadata repository plus contract and policy management.  Continue Reading

  • January 30, 2006 30 Jan'06

    Ajax alert raises security, scalability issues

    XML security vendor Forum Systems wants to get developers thinking about potential vulnerabilities and performance hits with Ajax-style applications.  Continue Reading

  • January 29, 2006 29 Jan'06

    native code

    Native code is computer programming (code) that is compiled to run with a particular processor and its set of instructions.  Continue Reading

  • January 29, 2006 29 Jan'06

    Native support for Web services

    Dan Foody discusses the capability of using Web services for ASP applications.  Continue Reading

  • January 28, 2006 28 Jan'06

    stove-piped development

    In engineering and information technology, stove-piped development is an approach in which improvements are considered only within the existing and technologically familiar context.  Continue Reading

  • January 28, 2006 28 Jan'06


    Refactoring is "the process of changing a software system in such a way that it does not alter the external behavior of the code yet improves its internal structure," according to Martin Fowler, the "father" of refactoring.  Continue Reading

  • January 27, 2006 27 Jan'06

    2005 in Review, 2006 in Preview

    In order to put 2005 in perspective, we at SearchWebServices.com have put together a four-part Year in Review section, covering more than 90 of our top news stories from the past year. In addition, we've talked to four of the leading experts in the ...  Continue Reading