• January 25, 2013 25 Jan'13

    Backend as a Service FAQs

    Backend as a Service has emerged as an alternative to mobile middleware. Still, questions remain about the approach. Find the answers here.  Continue Reading

  • January 24, 2013 24 Jan'13

    Big data in motion: Getting the data to where it's needed

    It's great to have an abundance of data at your hands. But once you have all this big data available, the next step is getting all of it to the analytical engine. And in order to do this, designers must be prepared to rethink existing architectures....  Continue Reading

  • January 24, 2013 24 Jan'13

    SOA best practices in the mobile age

    In a 2012 survey, 52% of companies indicated that they planned to use service-oriented architecture (SOA) services to support mobile application development. Although SOA is at the foundation of a mobile development platform, developing and ...  Continue Reading