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A few key points on capability-based planning

At The Open Group Conference in San Diego last week, Jason Uppal, enterprise architect and project portfolio management expert, presented some practical advice on capability planning with TOGAF and an outline he said could help enterprise architects achieve measurable results in thirty to ninety days.

According to Uppal, there are four key points to realize in order to successfully integrate capability-based planning with your enterprise architecture.

First, combine TOGAF with capability-based planning to develop a closed loop value chain process that integrates existing disciplines with respect for each discipline and without creating a hierarchy of disciplines. Next, recognize that IT is a line of business (LOB) and as such is responsible for maximizing the use of current capabilities to achieve an acceptable service level at an acceptable cost.

Also, you must have a considerable focus on acquiring new capabilities, but make sure that new and old assets are integrated properly to maximize the capabilities of both.

Finally, remember that each LOB is responsible for delivering particular services and that they will define how said services are delivered – the role of IT, according to Uppal, is to aid other LOBs in defining their services effectively and efficiently, both for the individual LOB and for the greater organization.

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