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A letter from Cloud Camp

By Rob Barry

CloudCamp in Boston last week was clear evidence that enterprises are starting to take a serious look at cloud computing. Given, a lot of them are looking at cloud the way marketers look at social media. There’s a strong sense it will before long be a dominant force in how business is done online. But just how? Well that’s where people are still scratching their heads.

A number of vendors lined up to give their take on what’s important in the cloud. EMC said its Atmos product provides a scalable “internal cloud,” Signiant talked about using the cloud to move massive amounts of digital media, and Microsoft prepared 25 slides for a 5 minute talk on Azure.

Stories were similar: a CIO said  IT has to cut costs and cloud’s technology on-demand approach might be an avenue. Companies are exploring the possibilities but seem timid due to the security issues inherent in sharing databases with others.

One highlight was sitting in a room of architects and consultants discussing their thoughts on the cloud. These folks all flocked together to heatedly discuss how cloud is decreasing the need for IT operational infrastructure but, at the same time, causes businesses to “subscribe” to much of their technology.

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