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A mobile developer's tale: iPhone, therefore I am

Mobile applications have piqued the interest of developers. First, the iPhone redefined what a phone was: it looked a lot like a Web browser, really. Then, Apple opened an iPhone App store that promised developers an opportunity to write and sell application to a new mass audience. What self-respecting developer would not dream of writing a killer app at night, cashing in, and sailing the world in a yacht bought with mobile lucre?

As has been the case right along with mobile development, such a scenario truly was too good to be true. Despite the hoopla, the iPhone is a small part of the phone business.

Although mobile platforms have great promise, estimates have mobile phone sales falling in the wake of the global economic downturn. In March, IDC estimated that Q4/2008 worldwide mobile phone market fell 11.6% versus the comparable period a year earlier. To IDC, 2009 looks gloomy for mobile phone sellers. But converged mobile devices, the kind the iPhone epitomizes, are expected to fare far better than traditional ones.

Clearly, when one is on the road, one sees more and more knowledge workers pecking away at handheld devices. Although these machines have tons more memory than in the past, they still are basically working remotely, hitting on a server somewhere, and dealing with the world via services.

Behind the scenes will emerge a whole new class of mobile app development tool aimed at developers looking to exploit the app stores and their new monetization models, writes John K. Waters in “Mobile app dev trends: Making life easier for developers.” Check it out.

For a bona fide look inside the rapidly evolving world of Ajax-oriented mobile device development, you can hardly do better than visiting’s sister publication On that site’s Mobile pages, you get a healthy helping of all that is mobile.

We’d like to suggest that another worthwhile stop for mobile info is the SearchSOA.comMobile Development Resource Guide. In no small part, Web services and Ajax set the stage for the new possibilities in converged devices. There is every reason to think today’s downturn will do no more than slightly slow “uptake of smart” phones. A big spur would be a few new killer apps.

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"Despite the hoopla, the iPhone is a small part of the phone business" Hey Jack, what hole is your head buried in? What are you comparing it to? For one thing, interest in the mobile web was practically non-existent, even from content providers, until the iPhone came along. And you think iPhone Apps look like a web browser? Obviously you've never actually used one. Most apps look absolutely nothing like a browser.
in my opinion, iphone doesn't look like a web browser. but we can do it better with good mobile application development . With each new device we have new ideas for new app it is a business.