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Aggregating cloud services brokerage enhances app management

As SOA goes mainstream and cloud services proliferate, will traditional SOA repositories come to look more than a little like app stores?

That notion may be farfetched. But some of the newer cloud marketplaces bear watching. They may betoken a day when SOA services will be sold and versioned like other online offerings.

Among the so-called cloud marketplaces are aggregating cloud services brokerages like that from AppDirect. The company recently enhanced its online application marketplace, releasing a Marketplace Manager that enables users to oversee the components and settings of cloud services that they offer to the public or third-parties.

AppDirect’s Marketplace Manager lets teams highlight specific apps for specific app consumer types, and enforce quality standards for newly-integrated products. Chat feeds and other mechanisms can give them a near-real-time view of customer issues as they develop, according to Nat Robinson, CMO, AppDirect.
As with much in SaaS and cloud, the early adopters may be from the ranks of SMBs. For small company’s managing many services, app markets may entail unwanted overhead.

Managing apps and cloud services can, in Robinson’s words, become ”a time glut.” People find they must manage provisioning, deprovisioning and so on, he indicated. ”We allow you to manage all your apps in one place,” he said. In terms of advanced interfacing, development teams working with the AppDirect backend can handle integration using REST APIs, he added.

At this point, AppDirect works with Amazon Cloud; Robinson said some private clouds have been implemented as well.

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