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Altova provides XML transforms, charts, code generation

XML tool maker Altova has updated its MissionKit integrated suite of XML, database and UML tools to include data streaming output for data transformation projects, code generation direct from state machine diagrams, and newly supported report chart types.

As RESTful non-XML applications have gained attention, continued uptake of XML has been somewhat overshadowed. But David McGahey, Product Marketing Manager at Altova, can attest to its growing use, as various industries and compliance efforts center on XML as a data interchange format.
“XML is becoming more and more pervasive. It is the predominant language for exchanging data,” said McGahey.

People are encountering it in workplaces, he said. Yet, many times they are unaware of XML’s presence in the process. Here, the machine-to-machine role of XML data transformation comes into play.
“It’s becoming more and more automated. It is processed through systems automatically,” said McGahey, pointing to SEC-mandated XBRL as a prime example.

Business analytics now are very often based on XML output. And those analytics continue to call for better and faster charting. So the new rev of MissionKit (2011r2) has an updated styling engine that can stream output to generate reports based on XML-type (for example, XBRL) data. New chart types supported are stacked bar, area and stacked area – and customizable chart features include chart overlays, background image and color gradients and variable axis label positions.

On the design side, the recent updates of Altova’s UModel software – available separately or as part of MissionKit – is notable for support of UML 2.0 and its enhanced capabilities for code generation. UModel users can now generate code in C#, Java, or Visual Basic directly from a state machine diagram. Of additional note in the Altova suite is UModel business process modeling support that provides conversions from BPMN 1.0 to BPMN 2.0.

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