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Another take on OSGi

Last week, WSO2 released an update tailored around OSGi to its SOA framework. Rob Hailstone, analyst, The Butler Group told us that he rated the WS02 implementation favorably, because it ”does seem to have built out a more comprehensive set of features than most of the competitive open source offerings.”

Moreover, he notes, the WS02 approach has merit because “the registry/repository has not been left as an afterthought.” Hailstone says most of the problems he sees with implementation of SOA these days seem to revolve around governance failure, rather than technology failure.

He continued:

Potentially, OSGI should make it easier for customers to mix ‘n match components from different vendors within their SOA environment. Whether there will actually be a demand for this is not yet obvious, but it provides a good safety net in that, should a competitive product have (for example) a more appropriate Event Processing engine it would not drive a large hole through the technology selection strategy. It should also make for a more dynamic ecosystem of specialist technology providers, reducing the amount of custom integration needed to make, for example, a policy enforcement engine integrate into a different platform.

Sanjiva Weerawarana said his company’s approach to architecture is focused on interoperability.

Said Weerawarana, WS02 co-founder and CEO: “One of the key tenets that we are focusing on is interoperability, not portability If the situation arises where we have to invent a custom API, okay. But we will do all that work in Apache. That provides protection. People can innovate without being constrained.”

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