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At Gartner AADI 2010: Cloud computing trust chasm

Cloud computing was a much-discussed topic this week at the Garner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2010 in Los Angeles, Calif. Gartner Managing VP Gene Phifer and others looked at possible cloud computing scenarios in a brief keynote that set the agenda for the week’s cloud content. Quite a few of the related issues have to do with that old intractable human trait – trust.

Among the takeaways:

*One should go into the cloud with an exit strategy. This is one of the better ways of ensuring the cloud project does not lead to vendor lock in.

*Expect corporate pushback. True cloud computing is shared in nature. That will give people fits around security.

*Among the really tough cloud computing problems – depending on your type of business – with which you can expect to have to grapple are:

-Data location,
-Regulatory compliance,
-Provider trust management,
-Policy restrictions,
-Remediation of service failures, and
-Portability between cloud services.

Gartner analysts insisted that, as people go through the process of delivering actual cloud services, they will encounter a sort of cloud trust chasm. New trust models will have to be developed. Also discussed at the conference was the Web gateway (or “SOA governance boxes) fashioned for cloud scenarios and the third-party cloud vulnerability scanning tool –each in its way a means to cross the so-called cloud trust chasm.

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