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BEA, Oracle users quiz

Next Tuesday Oracle will announce its plans for how it intends to integrate BEA inside its corporate walls. While we probably won’t get too many specific product roadmaps, we should get an idea of how Oracle intends to handle the product overlap in the areas of SOA and Java development.

Yet there’s a difference between what Oracle intends to do and how BEA users view the acquisition. In advance of the announcement we at are conducting a BEA user quiz to take the pulse of that community. We know that we have a large number of BEA users in our readership and we’re looking to get your input concerning Oracle, BEA and how this deal affects your development plans. It’s a quick that should take only a minute to fill out.

The poll closes at noon EDT on Friday, June 27. We will publish the results next Monday in advance of the Oracle announcement.

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