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BPM adoption hits 56% in latest survey

Business process management is already implemented in 56 percent of IT organizations, according to survey results released today by AIIM Research.

And the remaining 44 percent of those surveyed are planning to jump on the BPM bandwagon in the next 12 months, AIIM reports.

AIIM calls this “a definite indication that there is a growing focus on process improvement.”

“When asked which area of the business was the focus of their implementation, the largest segment showed back office operations for the primary project followed closely by IT, Human Resources and Customer Service,” according to the AIIM survey.

Breaking BPM projects down, AIIM reports: “In relation to the type of process that are BPM-enabled, 37% cited a balance between transactional and document centric processes while 31% said their focus was on transactional processes and another 20% focused specifically on document-centric processes. When asked, ‘who is responsible for defining the business process rules and logic?’ 54% responded that this responsibility rests on either the individual process owner or line of business manager.”

On the question of vendor solutions versus open source, 52% of the 354 organizations surveyed said they could consider open source. Those who are not considering open source BPM products cited lack of support as the main stumbling block.

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