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BPM 'cloud' vendor picks up Jetty application server

There has been more than some discussion about SOA vendors moving to cloud computing, but BPM vendors are going there too. Witness the path of Intalio, now positioned as ”the leading vendor of enterprise cloud computing platforms.” 

At one point, Intalio, Inc. was positioned as ”the leading Open Source BPMS company,” even as it created an On Demand product version that was delivered as an on-line service.

It came to that title after efforts to establish itself as the ”Open Source Business Process Platform Company.” Along the way to that milestone Intalio had placed its BPEL engine as an Apache Top Level Project, and its BPMN Modeler and Tempo workflow framework under the Eclipse Public License.

Last week, Intalio stepped forward and purchased Webtide, the group behind the Jetty open source small-footprint Java server. The purchase echoes a trend seen in cloud computing today where cloud computing vendors pickup application elements from other points in the software chain – the most notable recent move being VMWare’s purchase of light-weight application framework house SpringSource.

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